The Walking Dead Minecraft Mod

By MobApocalypse

v2.8 for MC 1.8

***Released on July 18, 2015***
*Updated to Minecraft 1.8!!
-Bug Fixes
*Fix for gun names

v2.7 for MC 1.7.10

***Released on March 26, 2015***




*Sophia (Walker)

-New Blocks

*Train Car Block

*Chain Fence


*Middle of Road

v2.6 for MC 1.7.10

***Released on January 10, 2015***


*Ben (Game)


*Walker Shane

*Walker Merle

-Updated Textures:




*The Governor

v2.5 for MC 1.7.10

***Released on December 21, 2014***

*Updated to 1.7.10!!!!
*New Achievements!
     *We Are The Walking Dead (Craft Fire Axe)
     *Patch Up (Craft Antibiotics)
*The New Gun Recipes
*Riot Gear Walker
*Lucile (Negan's Bat)
*Block of Steel
*Steel Plate
*Refined Steel
*Removing Water Bottle related items due to technical reasons
*New More Complex Recipe for Katana
*New Skin for Hershel

v2.4 for MC 1.6.4

***Released on May 15, 2014***

The Walking Dead Mod turns One today!! Thank you to all the fans for making this mod a success! The mod has almost amassed 30,000 downloads! Without the fans, there would be no mod and no updates!

v2.3 for MC 1.6.4

***Released on April 21, 2014***

-New Mobs:

*Abraham Ford

*Eugene Porter


*Michonne's Pet Walker

*Molly (Game)

*Clementine (Game)


*Minor Generated Structures

-Minor Tweaks:

*Daryl Skin Change

*New Katana Texture

*New Crossbow Bolt Texture

v2.2 for MC 1.6.4

***Released on April 6, 2014***
*ALL Ammo Crafting Recipes now gives you 5 instead of 1!
*New Texture for AK47 and AK47 Ammo
*Kenny (Game)
*Lee (Game)
*Removed Riot Gear Walker
*Removed titles on gun (ex: Rick's Python turns to just Python)
*Removed Bandages
*Other Minor Changes and Fixes
Bug Fixes:
*Human mobs either avoid daylight or burn in daylight!

v2.1 for MC 1.6.4

***Released on December 1, 2013***








*New Water Bottle System

*Polluted Water Bottle to Clean Water


*Metal Bat



*Randomly Generated Houses

*Riot Gear Armor

*Two New Walkers

*Texture Change for Water Bottle

Bug Fixes:

*Walker Burn in the Daylight

v2.0 for MC 1.6.4

***Released on October 22, 2013***

*MC 1.6.4 Support!
*Added Cleaver (New Melee Weapon)
*Added Crowbar (New Melee Weapon)
*Added Hammer (New Melee Weapon)
*Added Rick's Python (New Gun)
*Texture Change for Empty Bottle
*Texture Change for Water Bottle
*Texture Change for Knife
*Texture Change for Steel Ingot
*Texture Change for Fire Axe
*Added Daryl's Crossbow
*Added Crafting Recipes for ALL Guns/Ammo!
*Added Tyrese (Character)

Bug Fixes:
*Fix for "Super Speed" Mobs bug
*Fix for random mob drops bug
*Fix for Knife not showing in mod

v1.3 for MC 1.6.2

***Released on July 12, 2013***

*Updated to 1.6.2
*Added Antibiotics
*Re-added Steel Ore
*Added Guns! [Currently Only M16 and Pistol]
*Changed Textures for Bat and Machete

v1.1 for MC 1.5.2

***Released on June 28, 2013***

*Updated to Forge (No More Modloader)

First Release 1.0

***RELEASED on May 15, 2013***

*All Weapons Announced
*All Mobs Announced