The Walking Dead Minecraft Mod

By MobApocalypse

Installation Tutorials:

Text Tutorial:

- Windows - Singleplayer -

1. Download The Mod
2. Download Forge
3. Install Forge (Installer is Easiest)
4. Go to %appdata% and to .minecraft folder
5. Place The Walking Dead Mod vX.X for MC into your mods folder 

(If you do not have a mods folder then create one)

- Windows - Multiplayer Server -

1. Download Server.jar (ONLY THE .JAR) from Minecraft Website
2. Place Server.jar into it's own folder
3. Run Server.jar to create all necessary files
4. Next use the Forge installer
5. After Forge finishes installing, run server again
6. A "mods" folder should have been created, place The Walking Dead Mod vX.X for MC into this folder
Anyone joining the server with The Walking Dead Mod installed MUST also have The Walking Dead Mod installed!!

Video Tutorial: