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The Walking Dead Mod v2.5 Beta Released!

Posted by MobApocalypse on December 4, 2014 at 2:55 PM

The first public beta of v2.5 is officially out now!! The beta has all the features of the new update and past except some of the new and old mobs (List Below). The reason I haven't been updating the mod is because my computer broke sadly. I have a new computer now so the mod is back on full swing! I will be updating the mod once a month religiously!! The full featured v2.5 will be released with the next two weeks!! Then the next update after the holidays!! Thanks everyone for the continued support on the mod, IT REALLY MEANS ALOT!! For a full list of new features and what is missing in the beta see below:

New Features:


*Updating to 1.7.10!!!!

*New Achievements!

*We Are The Walking Dead (Craft Fire Axe)

*Patch Up (Craft Antibiotics)

*The New Gun Recipes


*Riot Gear Walker

*Negan (Missing)


*Lucile (Negan's Bat, Missing)

*Block of Steel

*Steel Plate

*Refined Steel


*Removing Water Bottle related items due to technical reasons

*New More Complex Recipe for Katana

*New Skin for Hershel

Missing Mobs:

Merle, Michonne, Molly, Morgan, Rick, Negan, Sasha, Shane, T-Dog, The Governor, Tyrese and........ All Walkers (Even though this is The Walking Dead Mod...)

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